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w October 09, 2007

Why Being An Adult Can Suck

Currently at Casa del Hoffman, a new dishwasher is being installed. It was supposed to have been installed on Sunday afternoon, a mere 24 hours after we said "Make it so" at the local shop. However. It would appear that the builder of this house, back in the halcyon days of 1989, installed the dishwasher and then put in the floors. The 3/4 of an inch thick wood floors. Yep. So, the regular installers get here with our shiny, new, admittedly expensive dishwasher and then said, oh, hey, no dice. Oh, and we can't put this brand in anyway because the water valve extrudes too far.

Grrrr. Growl. Grumble. So we bid farewell to our shiny, new, admittedly expensive dishwasher, and spend the rest of Sunday night trying to figure out how the hell we are going to circumvent this problem to get *any* dishwasher in, and let's not discuss getting the old crappy ghetto one OUT. I call the appliance store yesterday (Monday) and am told that actually, there will be no problems, once he sends out "Arnie the Wonder Installer". Excellent. Make it so.

Arnie and his henchman are here right now, and yes, he is Arnie the Wonder Installer. He had to cut the feet off the old dishwasher to get it out, but as I told him "do whatever you have to do. In fact, I hate that dishwasher so much, I'll do it for you". He laughed. He then went downstairs to look at the water heater for some mystical plumber reason, and informed me that we were going to need to do something about the brass valves on said, which are already leaking a little.
Oh huz-ZAH. That just made my day magical. Still, I'm willing to pay Arnie the Wonder Installer to fix our water heater sooner rather than later, because he got rid of the old crappy ghetto dishwasher. And my shiny, new, admittedly expensive one is just chomping at the bit to get in my house and wash my friggin' dishes.

But this is why being an adult sucks. APPLIANCES.

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Arnie the Wonder Installer seems to have that rare "ability to think and solve a problem" thing. Good on him for getting remunerated for it.

What new tricks does the expensive dishwasher do?

Posted by: Kenneth on October 11, 2007 10:28 AM
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