I don't really know what I am musing on these days. It's more like an irregular stream of consciousness thing...it seems to be working.


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w February 13, 2004

Valentine's Day

An uninspired title, I realize. But honestly, I have been particularly uninspired as of late, and yet people seem to want me to post something. Let's face it, flattery will get you everywhere, or at least a new post on Huzzah.

So, Valentine's Day. Well, it's tomorrow. And it's kind of nice to be at a point in my life where I'm more concerned with whether or not I have made Valentines for Bean to "send out" (and thus make extended family happy for another two months) than whether or not I've gotten something massive and sparkly, a seventeen course diet-conscious but tasty dinner, and a bouquet of flowers large enough to qualify for environmental protection status. Don't get me wrong, all those things are tremendously appreciated, should they appear...it's just not necessary anymore for a "perfect Valentine's Day". To tell the truth, I have always been a bit of a cynic (all who know me well, feel free to insert "well, DUH" at this point), and V-Day just seemed sort of haggard and tired and set up for failure.

But having a little one does change some of that. I can't wait to help her make valentines, I can't wait to GET a valentine from her, dripping with glitter glue and strange pieces of yarn, I can't wait for the cinnamon hearts to be strewn all over the car. And the best news is, dearly devoted husband and I will be enjoying a romantic evening...at home, preferably in our pajamas, eating in front of the fireplace, preferably with Bean snoring peacefully away downstairs. I have come up with what I hope is an appropriately schmancy and yet easily prepared dinner, replete with Atkins friendly dishes and garnishes.

The bells and whistles are nice, assuredly, but how much nicer is it to know that you love and are loved, and it's going to stay like that regardless of how "perfect" Valentine's Day is? So here's my schmaltzy valentine to all y'all out there...may you have a glorious day that is just as glorious as every other one. Big slurpy Bean kisses.

PS I did get sparkly things, by the way...all the way from Finland!

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