I don't really know what I am musing on these days. It's more like an irregular stream of consciousness thing...it seems to be working.


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w January 26, 2009


With the exception of the let's say 8-9 month blip between taking Bean out of it (later than usual due to the developmental issues) and Peabo going in, we have not been without an occupied crib in this house for going on 7 years. That's rather a long time, and it was curious today to dismantle it with no ceremony, by myself, in the late afternoon while the kids watched WALL-E. I had wanted to keep Peabo in as long as possible, mostly for the sanity-enhancing aspects for me, but the universe has a funny way of smacking one in the hind area when one gets complacent; to wit, the heartstopping THUNK! over the monitor, followed immediately by wracking sobs and screaming.

Everyone is fine, all pulses returned to normal, it was nothing juice, a cookie, and Mom couldn't fix, but it did point out the fact that she is definitely now tall enough to slingshot herself over and fall what? 3 feet? Maybe more? Even if that scared her enough to not try it for a while, this is absolutely one of these situations where safe is ALWAYS better than sorry. I ended up putting the crib mattress on the floor, shoved into the corner to allow for some secure feelings, and crossed my fingers. Took everything out of her room that could be used as a ladder to other things (like the top of the dresser), shut the closet door (which is where half the stuff ended up, admittedly), and covered/otherwise hid the outlets. And crossed my fingers.

Thus far, all is quiet over the eastern monitor, and I'm hoping it means she hasn't quite processed her ability to stroll out of bed and futz around her room all night. She's actually not one to wake up midway through, probably because she's just about given up on napping during the day, but I suppose I should remember what I remembered earlier, about the universe and its bitch slaps...

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