I don't really know what I am musing on these days. It's more like an irregular stream of consciousness thing...it seems to be working.


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w October 22, 2007

OMG Where Are My Pants?

Or, "Thank You, Baby Jesus, For the Gift of Coffee and Hashbrowns".

Yeah. So the Hoffmans entertained last night, and it was a most fun event, but it also resulted in the Heather drinking just a tad more than she probably should have, on top of basically not having eaten substantially that day. I popped awake at 6 AM for no other reason than habit, but I was able to actually get the kids dressed and fed and the elder off to school. Thank God Peabo napped for about 1.5 hours when we got home. Of course, Gershwin also had a vet appointment at 9 AM.

Driving Bean to school was like hate mail from the solar system.

"Dear Heather,
Hi, let us bore into your retinas, even through your polarized sunglasses ALL THE WAY TO SCHOOL. F*** you!


Can I just say how much I appreciated McDonald's drive-thru? In hindsight, I should have just bought about four more hashbrowns, but the bacon/egg/cheese biscuit was quite tasty, and soaked up the nasty quite well, albeit temporarily. I am finally feeling somewhat close to approximating myself, and my darling, wonderful husband cleaned up as much of the kitchen as he could last night, probably assisted by our darling, wonderful friends, so here's a shout out to all. The Heather, she loves you.

Oh, and I found my pants.

(Oh, relax, Gene had made sure I didn't have to sleep in my jeans. I was just confused when I woke up at 6 and thought...whah?)

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