I don't really know what I am musing on these days. It's more like an irregular stream of consciousness thing...it seems to be working.


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w October 13, 2007

Strong Like Streetcar

I just got all the paperwork together for applying to the MLIS program at San Jose State (to start Fall '08), and while it has caused some of the 'stepping off a cliff' feeling, it is also pretty exciting. That's because I'm a dork, y'all, and things like old manuscripts and books no one has read in decades just get my motor running. I know. Stand back from the heat.

Anyway. In the midst of making sure I have all the requisite bits of paper lined up and good to go out with the post on Monday, I was trawling through the internships currently available through SLIS, as well as the SAA employment pages (and in passing, yes, I want to be an archivist, not necessarily the 'shush you are too loud and I am a bitter old prune' librarian. But I will contemplate 'hot librarian of bad porn'), and discovered an interesting fact. Most job postings have a criterion of "Must be able to lift 40 lb boxes" or words to that effect. Is it weird that I kind of like the idea of a job where I get to do both mental AND manual labor? I was realizing, though, that on any given day, I generally do lift 40+ lbs...of children. Boxes aren't wiggly, or smeary. Awesome.

I just wonder if that would work in a job application. "I am strong, like streetcar. Lift offspring like is little bunny rabbit".

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