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w August 26, 2007

Okay, Seriously, Where Did The Years Go?

Because it really does not feel like 5.5 have zoomed past. The Bean starts kindergarten tomorrow morning, bright and early (yeah yeah, I know 8:24 isn't bright and early for a lot of people, but that's 8:24 DRESSED and with COFFEE and COHERENT). Hers is one of the schools in the Redwood City school district that requires uniforms of a sort, so the girls and I trucked to Target and Old Navy to amass said. Interestingly, it would seem I am not the only mother out there to leave school clothes purchasing until the afternoon prior: Target was *picked clean*. Well, we did manage to snag a few polo shirts and I think a skort. Onward to Old Navy, which was a tad better stocked and a hell of a lot less crazed. So the deal with the uniforms as such is that the kids have to wear a white collared shirt and khaki or navy bottoms. Very easy to achieve, and the aforementioned stores have uniform sections, so it's really totally idiot proof, unless of course you leave it until the last minute.

I threw everything in the wash when we got home, and just hung it all up to finish drying and be ready to go for the next few days (completely unwittingly, I managed to almost organize two of everything khaki or navy -- two navy jumpers, two khaki jumpers, two navy skorts, etc). Looking at the section of her clothes bar that I had designated 'school clothes' was both thrilling and heart wrenching. She's ready to go, she doesn't need a nap anymore, she is quite happy to be entertained for 5 or 6 hours at a stretch, she enjoys the company of other kids, she loves learning new things. But. She's so...little. Her adorable school uniforms are so *little*.

Sigh. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. I may not end up crying, but I am sure going to feel off kilter until 2:30. Now, granted, get back to me on Friday and I'm sure I will be singing the praises of this wonderful, magical land called SCHOOL where they take your kid for a substantial chunk of the day.

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