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w June 28, 2007

Is This Just Majorly Lame?

I lucked into a sitter this afternoon, so I was able to get the dishes done and a huge grocery shop (not the easiest with two screaming weasels in tow. Try it some time. It's fun!); once out, I realized I hadn't really had much of anything to eat all day, though I did of course have my requisite two cups of coffee. Because, caffeine. Y'all know. Anyway, I admit I ended up going to McDonald's on the way home, even though I had initially hoped for a sit-down place---I had even brought a magazine AND a book with me in anticipation. But, whatevs...and I got a grilled snack wrap, so it was totally health food. Except maybe the fries and the Mr Pibb. But, whatevs.
What I really wanted to do was to eat while reading my trashtastic magazine, but I didn't really know where to go, so I ended up back at home, sitting in the garage with the windows down, having myself a nice little late lunch. Then I started to think: I had to sit, in my car, in my garage, to get some quiet time to read and eat? In passing, I know lots of people don't read and eat simultaneously, but ever since books became my oxygen supply, reading while eating has been a total comfort thing for me. My mother even claims that although reading at the table was generally not allowed in our house, if she needed me to eat something I hated (read: liver and Brussels sprouts), she would let me read. I had no clue what was going into my mouth, or didn't care, or something.

Anyway. It just seemed kind of lame to me that that was kind of the apex of my day, but I guess in retrospect, it's not so bad. Particularly since the apex of my day was actually when I made some kickass pimento cheese. And lots of it.

At the age when I was reading at the table to choke down liver, I probably imagined my 30s to be a little more glamorous than they are currently, but I have to say, the best thing about being in my 30s is the total "ehn" attitude about stuff like that. I have a nice life, it's quiet and pottery and the girls are happy and healthy and Gene and I even get to go out to dinner on occasion. This is really pretty decent. And I get to make the rules about reading at the dinner table. Sweet.

by at June 28, 2007 6:59 PM | TrackBack Comments

I don't think it's lame -- the best thing about visiting relatives, for me, is that I get to sit in a corner and read... though I haven't been able to read and eat, and that would totally feel like luxury for me right now.

Posted by: Aven on June 28, 2007 8:08 PM

I love reading while eating. I actually kind of feel weird when I don't have a book or the TV going on. And while I try not to eat in my car, it sounds like it was fun for you.

If you like it, it's not lame.

Posted by: Julie on June 29, 2007 10:04 AM
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