I don't really know what I am musing on these days. It's more like an irregular stream of consciousness thing...it seems to be working.


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w March 15, 2007

Oh March, You Are So Mad

This year's Carolina team has been doing well, as evidenced by their number one seed spot in the NCAA tourney, and what is so impressive is how deep their bench is.

I'm sorry, I just wrote that, and then realized I actually know what it means. You have to understand, I don't hate sports, but honestly, the terminology means less than zero to me 90% of the time, and I tend to think of games as being "something goes that direction, we all either cheer or scream in agony, something goes in the other direction, repeat".

Anyway, the point of this post is that I have a new favorite Carolina player (though Sean May will always always always have an open door, should he choose. Heh. I'm officially a dirty old woman now)---Ty Lawson, at only 19, has the most remarkable presence of mind on the court, not to mention FAST. He reminds me quite a bit of Raymond Felton, but I would argue has even more savvy when it comes to knowing where the ball is, to whom it should go, how far to drive it, etc. That being said, there is something utterly endearing about stork-like Brandan Wright and his braces. The kid looks like a pterodactyl or something when he goes after a shot block.
This team is really going to be interesting to watch over the next few years, provided they don't all defect to the NBA. But for now...the madness that is March.

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