I don't really know what I am musing on these days. It's more like an irregular stream of consciousness thing...it seems to be working.


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w November 13, 2006


As you can all see by the posting date and time, I'm at home. And still pregnant. Happily so, fortunately, but it was a bit of a surreal day.
So we go in, and get basically set up, discover that our nurse is the same one that was there when Bean was delivered, which was pretty damn cool, as she was fantastic---my blood pressure gets taken, and it's not so horrible. Well, it's not great, but for me and my present state, not so horrible. Okay. So I nap for a bit because, you know, it's pretty boring, and my blood pressure goes even further down. Hm. It does elevate back to the original reading after I was awake for a while, but no higher. Hm. I don't have any other issues going on, either with, ah, kidney functions or blood work. Double hm.
My doctor finally cruises by and we have a chat about where on earth we go from here. One of the things I do appreciate greatly is her prudence in either direction, as the situation warrants. She said that she really found herself on the fence at this particular point, primarily because while 37 weeks is most always fine, there is still a slight chance the baby could have respiratory issues. Had anything been off in any of my labwork, the decision would have been easy---go forward. However, we all agreed that given the current state of affairs, it probably was beneficial to let Peabo cook as long as we could hold off, accepting the fact that this is a set of circumstances that *could* change at any time and we'd just have to keep playing it by ear, and inching forward.

It's not often that good news is this anti-climactic, but there we are, although honestly, I'm not super disappointed.
It is what it is, and I do recognize that so long as things with me stay stable, this is all in Peabo's best interest. If they change at all, well, that's a different story, and we go back and encourage her to come out. Plus we were able to have a dry run of everything, including our friend T picking Bean up from school and dealing with all that stuff. Lasagna is in the freezer, bag is packed, grandparents put on yellow alert, etc.
Now, if I don't go into labor on my own in the interim, we DO have a hard stop at 39 weeks (November 27th), so that we know at least is a guarantee, straight from the doctor's mouth. We'll either go in the night before to get started slowly, or if, ah, "conditions are favorable" (I won't go into the details here...go check a pregnancy website if you are interested), I can wait until the next morning. Oh, and the nurse insisted that I eat a good meal before I come in, which is just awesome to know.

Apologies for keeping everyone on tenterhooks, such as they were...ah, babies.

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