I don't really know what I am musing on these days. It's more like an irregular stream of consciousness thing...it seems to be working.


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w October 05, 2002

Seeing the Future

Went to an event today through our vision intervention program (a bit politically incorrect, but it's called Blind Babies Foundation. Even the counselors there refer to it as BBF.); it was up in Santa Rosa, so it was a little bit of a haul, but I'm glad we went. There weren't very many families there, but we did end up talking for a while with the parents of three kids, the younger of whom were extremely premature twins (now nearly 5). The boy had some medical issues, but was essentially doing fine, the girl was totally blind with prosthetic eyes, and a "mini" cane that she was just learning to use. The most amazing thing was looking at this little pistol, because she was certainly that, and realizing that Bean truly is going to be all right. She may end up doing things later than other kids, she may not, but she WILL learn to walk and talk and play and interact.

This little girl was already so independent, and told us all about going to tap dancing lessons that morning and getting her ears pierced ("It huhted a LOT")---and it was the way her parents raised her. Their theory is that M is going to be blind for the rest of her life, but this isn't a disability to "overcome", this is who she is, and she will learn to navigate her world well. She goes hiking with them and obviously takes tap dancing lessons, and wants to imitate her oldest brother and shoot a bow and arrow too.

It was probably the first time since Bean was born that I felt an enormous weight lift. As my friend S just said, this is a good litmus test, because Bean is already in a better place than the other little girl, visually speaking.

In other news, she did something today that showed she is actually not all that far behind developmentally (or even on track)---she grabbed her silver circle rattle with her right hand, brought it to the middle of her chest, and transferred it to her left hand. I nearly fell off the bed in surprise and relief. I gave her the pacifier to hold in the other hand, and she attempted a midline transfer of both...to less success, needless to say! But it was sweet to watch her try, with furrowed brow. So we're pretty happy here in Beantown.

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That's so wonderful, Heather! I'm so glad to hear about you and The Bean and Gene being so happy. Did you know that my youngest cousin, Thomas, is also nicknamed "The Bean" in our family? We share beans!

Drop us an email if you get a chance, we'd love to hear more, learn what you've come to know about Ella's vision and development, and just to hear a friendly voice from home. We both miss you all.

Take care for now!

Peter and Gary

Posted by: Peter Wells on October 6, 2002 8:13 AM


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