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w August 05, 2002

Two Miles Up

Yep, that's about the altitude of Breckenridge, Colorado, where Bean and her servants, I mean, parents, spent about a week. If anyone remembers my last entry, I was waxing worried over a variety of potential crises inherent in this trip. Well, it must have just been new mother paranoia, because Bean proved herself a hardy traveller, all told.

The flight to Denver wasn't too bad, although she did have one or two full out scream sessions that lasted about five minutes each, although they seemed more like five hours. However, she slept on the way up and the way down, which helped the pressure situation immensely. I was also reminded that the best defense is a good offense (thank you, Col. David)---the man in front of my husband spent most of the trip fully reclined and asleep---but also in close proximity to the howls of an overtired four-month-old. As he was leaving I looked up with what I hope was a disarmingly charming and apologetic smile and said "I'm so sorry about the screaming. She just would not nap". I witnessed the conflict of emotions spasm across his face before he nodded and smiled (tightly) and basically intimated that yes, well, that's what babies do, I understand. Chalk one up for erstwhile Southern belle tendencies.

Bean also managed to sleep all the way to Breckenridge, which was impressive considering the mad altitude changes even from Denver. We got situated in our condo, graciously loaned by my sister's host family there in Breckenridge---it worked out well with three full bedrooms and three full baths, so no generation was toppling onto another one. My parents and their third child (a randomly mixed dog named Pippa) arrived about an hour after us, and much cooing and attention was paid to Bean, who slept through it all. Poor kid had actually sicked up as soon as we got into the condo, but to her credit, she waited until then and I don't think anyone will notice the baby puke stains on the bedspread. JUST KIDDING.

Grandmother flew in from British Columbia, was collected by my dad, we all settled in for a week's worth of late wakeups, semi-elaborate meals and their preparation, learning to breathe with no oxygen, watching Bean sleep during the day (grandparents) and listening to her howl at night (parents). I suppose it was a vicious cycle of no sleep at night made up during the day, but it was a long week from that perspective. However, when it counted (like out in public), she was an absolute doll and was made much of by all and sundry. My sister's friends from the National Repertory Orchestra argued over her long fingers---would she be a cellist or a violinist? My mother condemned them all as fools and announced that she would be an opera singer. Well, if you have heard her go ballistic, you would tend to agree. Bean does appear to be displaying diva-like tendencies, distressingly. How frivolously alliterative. At any rate, when there is an audience to be had, she turns on the charm. When it's just her poor sad sacks of parents, well, it's meltdown time. I guess there is something to be said for comfort level, trust, etc. But, well, hecko.

Took her on her first train ride, the Leadville, Colorado & Southern, about 2.5 hours of pretty scenery and sharp drop-offs that are best not to look at. Dad snagged her an aspen leaf as a memento. One hopes this is not illegal in the state of Colorado. Flight home was a breeze---she slept for the vast majority of it, and caused numerous flight attendants to dally at our row and gush over her. Woke up about five or ten minutes from San Francisco with some ear pain, but Mummy's pinky worked its magic, and apart from a few sucker blisters for me, all was well. She even slept better last night in her own crib, at least after about 2 am. Actually, she slept soundly from 2 to 6 am, at which point I woke up in a panic and barged into her room to find her...snoring peacefully. Fed her after a while, then she fell asleep again, so tucked her back into bed with us to doze for a little while longer. In fact, I don't think she's been awake more than about ten minutes today. Jet lag, thou fickle master.

All in all, I would call this trip a semi-Huzzah. Mostly due to the lack of sleep on our part and the funky altitude changes. But it was good to give her some grandparent time, and I think my sister was pleased to have us all there. Oh, and Bean behaved beautifully at the one NRO concert we took her to, sleeping soundly through the first two movements of Brahms' Symphony #2. Aunt Erin had a fairly good chunk of solo in it, and apparently Bean approved.

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