I don't really know what I am musing on these days. It's more like an irregular stream of consciousness thing...it seems to be working.


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w July 11, 2002

Hey, new blog

So it's 5 o'clock, the baby is happily napping, and even the dishes are washed. The exciting life of a new mum-schoolteacher on summer vacation. My husband convinced me to start this up, probably because he spends so much time fiddling with his blog---sorry, dear, just kidding. But in fact, it does seem kind of therapeutic, in a self-absorbed sort of way. Particularly since having our baby (she'll be four months old next week, amazing), I've found myself musing on a lot of things. Or, in the parlance of teacher credentialing courses, "reflecting".

It's so strange how the things that one expects with a new baby hardly become the things that matter the most. Lack of sleep, for instance. I'm worn out, my husband is worn out---but it's the hardly ever getting to eat real sit down meals that is the real kicker. Granted, we've finally worked out a bedtime routine and schedule, and she is great about going down regularly, so usually we can eat dinner together as adults and sometimes even get a movie or tv show in before she needs to eat again. Our daughter was about 2.5 weeks premature, and is still pretty tiny, so we're nowhere near sleeping through the night yet. And she hates napping. ?! I am just envisioning two or three years into the future when she's more verbal and more mobile and more opinionated---I think we may have our hands full. Is this what parents mean when they curse you with a child "just like you!!"? According to my mother, I slept fine right away, never gave them any problems, etc etc etc, but I'm thinking that's the glossy revisited version of 27 years later.

At any rate, it's funny to look at this little creature and still sort of feel like the babysitter. When she's howling and won't stop and won't nap and wants to nurse all the time, I just want to know when the real parents are coming home and why there's no good food in the fridge.

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